Article 3

Published August 16, 2018

It’s always amazing to see how some of the grandest and well-resourced projects sometimes get it wrong on an equally grand scale. Is it down purely to planning or is there something else to blame?
From a project management point of view the detailed requirements and design (BOQ, BOM, Architects design) would be products heavily relied upon based on technical expertise input. However most projects like these are managed by architects who are experts in their field. So what else can go wrong?
Some thoughts..
1. Communications Gap: International teams using different languages?
2. Metrics and methods: Alternative ways and standards used to measure and calculate
3. Collaboration: Too many towers and not enough collaboration?
4. Geography and weather: Changes in geography and weather impacting designs and calculations?
5. Other: ?
Whatever the reason it certainly makes an interesting pic to ponder.
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